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So I’m finally 22!

Let this be a great year! Boyfriend playing/spaming Devin Townsend in the background and I’m marathoning Digimon! Great way to start!

04.18.14 ♥ 3

Holy shit

My birthday is in 4 days! Can’t believe I will be 22, time is going by fast :<

04.14.14 ♥ 2

I wish my newsfeed on Facebook

was just organized as my Tumblr. Guess I might as well take the time to modify it -.-

03.24.14 ♥ 2

Been awhile

Feels like forever with me having to work almost everyday =.=

03.12.14 ♥ 0

I’m just really sad

that this is my first year not attending Paganfest :( Fucking dammit, THEY DIDN’T ADD THE SOUTH AND WE HAVE A SOLID FAN BASE HERE! Wintersun came by TWICE promoting their album and were SOLD OUT BOTH TOURS! There’s something wrong here…

02.24.14 ♥ 1


items that you have lost may be found in the stupidest places. For instance today, I found my galaxy nebula necklace that I have lost for a week, turn out it was in boyfriend’s shoe o.O This whole time I thought I lost it in my boyfriend’s dad’s house. FUCKING GMONES!

02.10.14 ♥ 2

I’ve never been so embarrassed and offended at the same time :/

01.21.14 ♥ 1

Retail is not my cup of tea.

Seeing people and trying to convince them everyday is tiring, I’m glad it’s my day off! I just want to be left alone and enjoy doing the things I want to do. The job itself isn’t bad since my co-workers are pretty fun to work with, though.

12.16.13 ♥ 2

Isn’t it strange?

It’s not a bad thing, but I am curious. Most of the followers that follow me have nothing in common with me when comparing my blog with theirs. I’m kinda like, “Why?”

11.13.13 ♥ 6

I swear I have bad luck.

Called the manager to check my status on my application and the first time I called, “He’s in the back right now.” Just called now and he’s out to lunch, Holy shit I’m getting a bit impatient -.-….

I’m going to keep on spamming them the whole day then.

11.13.13 ♥ 2

Got a call from Target

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09.29.13 ♥ 2

Oh wow, this is perfect. 
09.22.13 ♥ 300657


I sometimes wonder why someone would follow me if our interests  are vastly different :|

09.19.13 ♥ 2

Yesterday I had a shitty day, what does my boyfriend do? Spoils me with cookies and cream icecream :3

09.17.13 ♥ 1

Recent episode of Attack on Titan is just mindblowing!

This show is already giving me too many feelings and I can’t wait for next Saturday >__< Fucking cliffhangers dammit!

09.14.13 ♥ 2