Manaphy Giveaway!



So I (Cheyenne) decided to do a Manaphy giveaway! I have six (6) in total so there will be six winners!

Each Manaphy has a different nature (bashful, serious, lonely and hardy x2)

Each one knows the following moves:

Tail Glow


Water Sport


None are cloned or Pokegenned, they are all from the Pokemon Ranger game (transferred from diamond, to white to, then to my X game)! I just hatched them so they are all at level 1.

There are only a few rules:

1. Must be following me (well us) to win! (I will check)

2. There will be six (6) winners! Each will be chosen randomly!

3. Of course you must have a Pokemon X or Y game and must be willing to share your Friendcode!

4. Reblog/Like as many times as you’d like (no giveaway blogs please!).

5. I will pick the winner for these cute little guys on the 8th of August (two weeks from today)  the 22nd of August!

Good luck to everyone who enters!


First place winner will receive this lil’ guy!:


A shiny Latios (very sorry about the name, received it from the GTS) as well as a Manphy!

Second place winner will receive one of this lil’ gem:


A lovely Latias (I have more than one but I don’t know which I will be willing to part with, that’s why there’s no moveset!) as well as a Manaphy!

Good luck to everyone once again!

08.01.14 ♥ 128
07.31.14 ♥ 359
07.31.14 ♥ 904
07.31.14 ♥ 1379
07.31.14 ♥ 3547
07.31.14 ♥ 227679
07.31.14 ♥ 4401
07.31.14 ♥ 1213


god who fucking cares. who fucking cares. who fucking cares. everyone stop being offended and mad over the smallest shit ever. ask urself who the fuck fucking cares

07.31.14 ♥ 546628
07.31.14 ♥ 394116
07.31.14 ♥ 7235

07.31.14 ♥ 33430
07.31.14 ♥ 10894